About us


Laboratory founded in 1958

One of the leading and most advanced laboratories in Spain. Family owned company, well known for technical improvements and customer adaptability. 750 employees in 43 laboratory centers. We offer national cover.

Amplio catálogo

Complete Test Catalog

We offer 3500 kind of tests in Clinical Area, 500 in Veterinary and 1600 in Industrial Area. The Laboratory also offers Patology service. Performing more than 25.000.000 test per year.

Servicio Online

Pioneer in online service

4000 professional users and 470.000 private users registered at echevarne.com 2.000.000 requests to online results query in the last year.


App to query your results from mobile devices

Since september 2014:
More than de 65.000 accesses.
More than 100.000 results downloaded

Fundacion Echevarne

Echevarne Foundation

Non-profit institution investing on research. Its most prominent activity is Echevarne National Oncology Award (VI editions), focused on incentivating research in oncology field.